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The 2017 Run For The Animals is dedicated in memory of Maya



Maya came into our family in 2011 because my daughter, Cynthia, so much wanted a dog. All our family loved Maya, but my daughter in particular adored little Maya. As soon as Cynthia would come home from school they were constantly together. It is hard to describe how much my Cynthia loved Maya. She was the joy of my daughter’s heart, and Maya was a member of our family. On October 18, 2014, while we were away at the store, people came in a PETA van and pulled into our driveway. One of them came on our porch, took little Maya and they drove away with her. When we came back we searched for Maya but couldn’t find her. We looked at our security tape and that’s when we saw the PETA van and that someone had taken our Maya. We called PETA, but it was too late. Maya had already been killed. The news was devastating. It broke my heart not only to lose Maya but to watch my little girl’s heart break. It is something I never want another family to go through.

My family thanks everyone for their kindness and support, and we are touched that you are honoring Maya’s memory. It means so much people care and that some good can come of Maya’s death. We know that this race will help countless companion animals in our community. Thank you for letting Maya and her memory be a part of this wonderful effort to help animals in our community enjoy a better life. ~ Wilber Zarate




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